Product Line Card


Product Line Card

Valve Type


Actuators & Gear Operators

Manual, Pneumatic, Electric,
Self-contained Hydraulic, Diaphragm

API-6D, API-608, B16.34,
B16.10, B16.5, B16.47 Series A & B, API-605,
API-598, ISO5211, MSSP-25
♦ Quarter-turn Pneumatic, Hydraulic Actuators, Multi-turn Electric Actuators, Self-contained Hydraulic Remote Systems,
♦ Rack & Pinion, Scotch Yoke, Electro-Hydraulic, Diaphragm
♦ Double Acting, Spring Return, Linear Actuator Options
♦ Fail Open, Closed or Last position, Fail Safe Electric
♦ All Actuator Accessories: Positioners, Limit Switches, Solenoids, Variable Speed Controls, Air filter Regulators Are Available Upon Request

Ball Valves


API-6D, API-608, B16.34,
B16.10, B16.5, B16.47 Series A & B, API-605,
API-598, ISO5211, MSSP-25
♦ Sizes Ranging from ¼”-2”2000#,3000 NPT, SW, SW x NPT
♦Sizes Ranging from 2”-10” RF Flanged
♦150-1500 # RF Flgd 2 Pce Body Cast Steel, Forged Steel,
♦WCB, LCC, A105, A350LF2, 316SS, Exotic Alloys
♦Seat Materials: TFE, RPTFE, Devlon, Nylon & Peek, Metal
♦Actuated, Lever & Gear Operated, Optional Locking Device
♦API6D, API-607, NACE MR0175/ISO15156,
♦Cryogenic MSSP-134

 Ball Valves

Trunnion Mounted

API-6D, API-608, B16.34,
B16.10, B16.5, MSSP-44 >24”, API-605,
API-598, ISO5211, MSSP-25
♦Sizes Ranging from 1 1/2’”- 60”
♦150# -2500# RF Flgd., RTJ, BW
♦DPE, SPE, Self-Relieving, Combination Seat Designs
♦Seat Materials-TFE, RPTFE, DEVLON, NYLON & PEEK, Metal
♦A105, A350LF2, A351CF8M, Duplex, Exotic Alloys
♦Actuated, Lever & Gear Operated, Optional Locking Device
♦API6D, API-607, API 6FA, CSA Z245.15-13,
♦NACE MR0175/ISO15156, NACE TM-02-84, NACE TM-01-77, Cryogenic MSSP-134

Butterfly Valves

TOV, Double Offset, Resilient

API-609, ISO 5752, B16.34, MSS-SP67, AWWA, API-607, B16.10, B16.5, B16.47 Series A & B, API-605, API-598, ISO5211, MSSP-25, MSSP-134
♦Sizes Ranging from 2”-72”
♦ANSI 125, 150-1500 # RF or FF Flgd, BW
♦Resilient Seated, PTFE Seated, Metal Seated
♦Cast or Ductile Iron, Cast Steel, Forged Steel, Exotic Alloys
♦Reduced Port, Steam jacketed, Cryogenic MSSP-134
♦Actuated, Lever & Gear Operated, Optional Locking Device
♦ANSI FCI-70-2 Class IV, V & VI

Cast Steel Valves

Gate, Globe & Check

API-600, API-603, B16.34, MSSP-134
B16.10, B16.5, MSSP-44 >24”, API-605, API-598
♦Sizes Ranging from 2”-72”
♦ANSI Class 150#, 2500# NPT, SW, SW x NPT, RF or FF Flgd,
♦A105, A350LF2, A351CF8M, Exotic Alloys
♦Actuated, Hand Wheel & Gear Operated, Optional Locking Device, NACE MR0175/ISO15156, Cryogenic MSSP-134, Pressure Seal,

Forged Steel Valves

Gate, Globe & Check

API-602, B16.34, API-624, MSSP-118, MSSP-134
B16.10, B16.5, B16.11, B1.20.1, B16.25, API-598
♦Sizes Ranging from 1/2”-3”
♦ANSI Class 800#, 1500# NPT, SW, SW x NPT, RF or FF Flgd A105, A350LF2, A351CF8M, Exotic Alloys
♦Hand Wheel Operated, Optional Locking Device,
♦NACE MR0175/ISO15156, Cryogenic MSSP-134,
♦Bellows Seal, Pressure Seal,

Specialty Check Valves

Duo-Check, Piston Checks, Non-Slam Silent Check, Tilting Disc, Pressure Seal

B16.34, MSS-SP67, AWWA, A-126B, fAPI-607, B16.10, B16.5, B16.47 Series A & B, API-605, API-598,
♦Sizes Ranging from 2”-72”
♦ANSI Class 125#/150#, to 2500# FF or RF Flgd, BW
♦Wafer, Lugged, Flanged
♦Cast or Ductile Iron, Cast Steel (WCB, LCC, Exotic Alloys)
♦NACE MR0175/ISO15156
♦Steam Jacketed, Optional Outside Lever & weight
♦Hydraulic Pulse Dampened

Instrument Products

Manifold Valves, Bleed Valves, Gauge Valves, & Needle Valves

♦Needle valves, Double Block & Bleed valves,
♦2,3,5 Valve Manifolds, Pulsation Dampeners
♦Thermowells, Pressure Regulators, Pressure Transmitters
♦Instrument Check Valves, Tube Fittings,

Knife Gate Valves

Resilient & Metal Seated

♦Sizes Ranging from 2”-72”
♦ANSI class 125#, 150#, 300#, 600#
♦Cast & ductile Iron, Cast Steel, 316SS, Optional Alloys
♦Hand Wheel & Gear Operated, Actuated,
♦Optional Locking Device,

Specialty Valves

Pinch Valves

♦Sizes Ranging from 2-24” FF or RF Flanged
♦ANSI 125#, 150
♦Open or Closed Frame, 100% Shut-off,
♦Complete Range of Elastomer Seals
♦Actuated, Hand Wheel & Gear Operated,
♦Optional Locking Device,

Specialty Valves

Diaphragm Valve


♦Sizes Ranging from: 1/2”- 16”
♦ANSI 150
♦Type Weir, Straightway, Teflon-lined, Pinch
♦Body Material: A126 CL. B, CF8, CF8M, Rubber lined, Teflon lined

Specialty Products

Chain Wheel Operators

♦Standard Chainwheel Operator Includes:
Chainwheel, Guide Arm & Cap, Safety Wheel Components, Pocketwheel components
♦Fits All Handwheel sizes ranging from 5” -76” handwheel

Industrial Cleaners


♦Cleaners, Degreasers, Lubricants, Coolant, Deodorizers
♦Industries Served: Energy, Oil & Gas, automotive, Aviation, Marine, Food Services, Transportation